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Beyond Clicks

In 2017, marketing is more “data-driven” than ever. But are marketers looking at the right data? Many have become accustom to looking at certain metrics — e.g., impressions, clicks, conversions, cost-per-lead — assuming they’re meaningful. But, just how meaningful are they?

In this very special panel discussion, four data-driven marketers will debate topics such as:

• Are marketers looking at the right metrics?

• How confident should we be with “statistical confidence”?

• What is the true value of predictive analysis?

Moderated by Greg Ippolito, president of the award-winning digital marketing agency, IMA.


• Steve Shea, Founder & CEO, Everything Clicks

• Janis Fratamico, Vice President, Strategic Programs, North America Marketing, SAP

• Kathy Hickey, Strategic Marketing Executive, formerly with Comcast & CenturyLink

• Kate Bowen, Manager, Digital and Social Media Analytics, PwC

HEADS-UP: Dock Street will be providing samples of their Vicio artisanal mezcal, along with complimentary craft beers (TBD) — so come, grab a drink or two, and enjoy!

2001 Market Street 19103
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  • Greg Ippolito
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