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College Pathways into Tech

There’s more to technology than coding and there are more technology majors than Computer Science. Which major do you choose to create video games? What do you study to work with computer hardware? Is there a degree program for learning about big data? Hear from college faculty about the variety of ways students can study and, ultimately, work in technology. Whether you are a college student considering changing majors, a parent curious about your child’s options, or a professional looking to go back to school, this session will help you learn how much more there is to technology than computer science and writing code!


  • Sarah Toms, IT Technical Director of Wharton’s Learning Lab at University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Frank Lee, Associate Professor of Digital Media at Drexel Univeristy
  • Sue Metzger, Instructor, Accounting & Information Systems at Villanova University


  • Tracey Welson-Rossman, Founder, TechGirlz and CMO, Chariot Solutions

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