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Content Rescue

Fact: The way customers buy things has changed.

Today, we can buy from the company down the street, the one two states away, or the one based in India. This has created a hyper-competitive global market in which companies struggle to stand out.

Additionally, buyers have changed. Today, they are in charge of the relationship with your company. If they don't like what they hear from you, if they don't like your attitude, if they read bad customer reviews, they're gone - off to search for one of your many competitors.

This has put a premium on building trust with your potential customers.

And content marketing - the creation and distribution of content that is helpful but not salesy - is the best way for companies to build trust in this new era.

However, many companies are struggling with it. This event will offer an overview of what content marketing is and isn't, and then assess and "rescue" four companies who submit their content initiatives for appraisal. We'll assess their efforts to date, audience reach, help create persona profiles and make editorial recommendations.

Pipeline Philly
30 South 15th Street 19102
15th floor
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