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Don’t Tell Me What to Do! Getting Comfortable with Data-Assisted Design

Involving data in the design process can be complicated. As we become more data-driven in all areas of business, we often either set ourselves against the unstoppable juggernaut of metrics, or just roll over and become dashboard lead aesthetic automatons. But there is another way.

Creative Director Chris Vasquez will discuss AWeber’s ongoing experience involving data in the design processes and how the philosophy of treating metrics as a tool—not an omniscient oracle—has transformed this tech company’s design thinking.

What you’ll learn:

How AWeber has succeeded (and failed) at involving data in our design process - this section is full of all sorts of fun experiments!

How to apply data and gut thinking to consistently improve design outcomes How to use a tool called the experiment grid to ensure that you’re running experiments based on solid hypotheses

How to pair qualitative feedback with quantitative data to help understand the stories in larger quantitative data sets

Quorum Science Center
3711 Market Street 19104
Suite 800
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