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OUT OF CONTEXT is a curated online exhibition showcasing work with a new understanding of visual language by removing it from its intended statement, setting or circumstance.

The participating digital artists showcase technology-based works that define the phrase “out of context,” such as websites, software, apps, twitter feeds, etc. These tech-based works accomplish this with tech, through tech or in contrast to tech.

out-of-context-ptw.com: a limited engagement, live on April 28!

Participating Artists: Jennida Chase, Chris Eben, Carrie Ida Edinger, Josh Fishburn, Belinda Haikes, Eric Juth, Tyler Kline, Dermot MacCormack, TangenT ArT CollaboraTive, Andrew Cameron Zahn

Curated by: Belinda Haikes and Gaby Heit


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  • Heit & Haikes
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