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Performance at Scale with Clearvision @ Philly Tech Week" series of webinars

Performance at Scale with Clearvision: Webinar Series

In this webinar series exclusively for Philly Tech Week 2017, Clearvision - an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner based in Philly - will introduce five different aspects of how to manage and scale software in large enterprises. With talks from a range of experienced consultants, we welcome software developers, scrum masters, testers, IT service desk managers, DevOps practitioners, and all business management interested in digital transformation and best practices around software development, business collaboration tools and service desks. Please sign up online early, as places are limited. Each webinar includes a chance for Q&A - and look out for Clearvisionaries at Technical.ly's Dev Conference on Wednesday, 5/3.

Webinars all take place at 11AM:
  • Monday, May 1st - "Defending Uptime: How to Deal with Challenges of Performance at Scale"

  • Tuesday May 2nd - "Software Testing at Scale"

  • Wednesday May 3rd - "Incident Management at Scale"

  • Thursday May 4th - "Collaboration at Scale"

  • Friday May 5th - "Atlassian JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket at Scale"


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