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The Self-Navigating Region

Transportation technology and innovation are moving fast. Public agencies and private enterprises are working together to seamlessly network the region’s transportation system in ways that can provide more options in how to get around, reduce transportation costs, and more efficiently move people and goods using existing infrastructure.

  • Futures Group and DVRPC - introduction to how the digital revolution is providing better travel information, developing new technologies, and unleashing entrepreneurialism all of which promote safer and more efficient transportation.
  • Uber - where transportation in Philadelphia and other cities is headed, including lessons learned from our Uber's presence in cities around the globe, showcasing how cities and urban planners using data to research and solve public policy challenges and what the next 10-20 years has in store.
  • SEPTA - future of real-time vehicle location and open payment technology as they spread across and unify the transportation industry.
  • UPenn - The likely implications of automated vehicles for shared mobility (including transit), urban form, and travel behavior.

Come learn about what is being done now, and discuss what the future may bring.

American College of Physicians Building, DVRPC Offices
190 N Independence Mall West 19106-1520
8th Floor
Map of location


  • Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
  • Uber
  • Penn Design
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