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VRPHL: PTW17 Edition - Virtual and Augmented Reality Meetup:

sed internally to avoid similar events from happening simultaneously. Please be as specific about programming as possible.) #What kind of a major city would we be if we didn't showcase the emerging tech landscape in virtual and augmented reality?

Not Philly - that's who

Join us for our monthly meetup to talk about the future, enjoy some food, and interact with our growing lineup: + Real-time 3D space painting w/Tiltbrush + Virtual InSynergy - See the latest projects and premier VR Tennis simulator, now on Steam Greenlight + View art beyond the constraints of location with VR and photogrammetry + Hear how 3D audio is making your presence known and pioneering the journey into perception + See how Visit Philly has expanded our city's reach to anyone with a google cardboard headset! + Local student projcts and experiments

Always more demos TBA!


Map of location


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