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WORST Coding Practices (...and How to Fix Them)


We're trying to improve code quality by educating attendees on what makes good code - by showing what makes bad code. Developers are prone to falling into habits, and can begin to write unmaintainable code without realizing it. We want to help provide that moment of clarity so that developers can improve themselves or their colleagues.

Dirty code will create "technical debt", which is a series of ad-hoc decisions that result in much more difficult code maintenance. Technical debt usually accumulate due to tight project deadlines, so project management plays a big role in producing clean code as well.


Data comes from the collective experiences of the presenters as well as technical experts around the city. We have been meeting with various developers, tech leads, and consultants to compile the most egregious practices in an effort to find the most frequent and relevant offenses.

Q & A & Discussion

Since we don't have time to interview everyone in Philly, we would love to open the floor to audience discussion. What sorts of bad code have you seen repeatedly? How did you address it? Have you caught yourself in the act? If you're a veteran - what insights would you offer?

417 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
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