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Ken Rimple


Ken Rimple

Ken Rimple teaches, mentors and consults in JavaScript front-end platforms and has a long history of working on server-side technologies in Java and other languages. He has taught various official Spring and Maven courses for Chariot before building their AngularJs, Angular and React courses with his training practice team. He is a co-author of Spring Roo in Action from Manning, blogs about RxJS, Angular and other topics at https://chariotsolutions.com/blog, and has been a podcaster when the occasion suits, running both a former weekly DevNews podcast as well as the long-running Chariot TechCast. He is available on twitter at @RimpleOnTech, and his team's courses are available for on-site delivery at http://chariotsolutions.com/training.

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AffiliationChariot Solutions
LocationFort Washington, PA